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Ceramic coating preserves car paint and eliminates surface scratches


Keeping the car paint looking new when it leaves the dealership is the desire of many drivers. But exposure to the sun and daily use subject the vehicle to various situations that affect the painting and even those undesirable risks arise. View here for more info: ceramic car coating

The best way to prevent this from happening is prevention. With the arrival of the self-regenerating ceramic coating, it is possible to have more than protection: the treatment allows surface scratches to be eliminated with the action of heat thanks to the nanotechnology that the products have.

Carlos Eduardo Sampel, director of Mister Vapor, the first automotive aesthetics company in premium services in São Paulo to be approved by the Feynlab distributor in Brazil, to carry out the self-healing ceramic coating service , reveals that the treatment action can last for five years.

“The self-regenerating ceramic coating starts to act after 24 hours of its application with the effect of heat, temperature above 60º C, with sun exposure or thermal blower.

According to Sampel, this treatment is effective and guarantees excellent results for those who want to keep the vehicle's paint always fresh and shiny, just like when the zero km car leaves the dealership, so many customers have opted for this service.


He explains that there are options for treating ceramic tiles with the application of two products: Feynlab Heal Lite, which requires a single step and offers regeneration capacity of 60% of the micro-risks of the paint and a five-year durability, and Feynlab Heal Plus, which he owns.

Nanotechnology in the thick coating with total regeneration, that is, 100% of the paint micro-scratches, with three stages of application and a seven-year durability.

About Mister Vapor: Two years on the market, Mister Vapor, located in the northern area of São Paulo, specializes in premium automotive aesthetics services. from Sao Paulo.

The structure of the company also has a washing box with pantographic lift and special lighting, a team of properly trained and qualified professionals, in addition to using products approved by German automakers.

Mister Vapor offers specialized services with exclusive service and Premium quality in automotive aesthetics, such as: technical maintenance washing, premium washing, complete washing (body, engine and chassis), commercial polishing, technical polishing, ceramic paint coating, internal hygiene, leather treatment, glass sealant, wheel and glass decontamination, chrome polishing, gold hammer, quick repair (scratch repairs, small dented wheels, bumpers and rear view mirrors).

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